Custom Year Sobriety Coins, ONLY FOR 36+ Year

AA Sobriety Birthday Coins Custom
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Sobriety Birthday Custom Engraved 36 + Year front with Serenity Prayer customary back, choose from our 8 Color Combinations - Any order placed for years below 36 will be filled with existing stock color/year if available. If out of stock, order will be refunded.

Available for 36 PLUS (+) Years ONLY

These Custom Coins take minimum 3 Weeks

Please Choose your year and color choice. WE DO NOT HAVE PICTURES OF EACH COLOR OPTION CUSTOM ENGRAVED. EACH PHOTO IS FOR COLOR CHOICE SPECIFICALLY AND WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR CUSTOM ENGRAVED COIN, which is illustrated by the Blue Flame 52 year picture. All custom engraved years will be engraved into coin, cener circle, REGARDLESS OF COLOR CHOICE, will be as illustrated, engraved with no paint in center circle.

IMPORTANT DETAILS: All custom engraved coins have a 3 week Completion and Delivery Schedule. No Rush Options Available. These custom engraved year coins are a Final Non-Refundable Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.

Protecting Our Environment! Enamel used in painting of our Sobriety Birthday Coins are Eco-Friendly, water based. The process used is Non-Harmful to the environment. This item is Hand Crafted in America, from start to finish! 

Each Coin is Hand Painted, Golden Brass • 1.350" round / 3mm thick.

Because of screen resolution and variations, colors may differ from actual coin. Bezels and Key Chain Hardware are an additional item available at the noted cost, PICTURE OF COIN AND BEZEL ARE SAMPLE IMAGE ONLY.

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